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    Hello everyone, what an interesting forum. I was doing family research and ended up finding this place and I am glad that I did. I have seen the name Moses Riddle on here several times and he is in my personal family tree. He is my grandfathers 4th generation grandfather.

    Moses was Great Great Grandpa to Isabel Fisher who married Fielder Goins. Fielder and Isabel had several children and one who’s name was John “jahue” Goins which is my grandfathers grandfather. Jahue had a brother named William which is Jack Goins great great grandpa.

    Jahue had kids with a women by the name of Rhoda Lawson, they were never married but one of there childrens name was Rebecca “Beccan” Lawson. This is my grandfathers mother. This is who I can not find any information on. Anyone with any information containing to this please let me know.



    Hey Charlie welcome to the saponi Town, I hope that you’ll enjoy visiting here, there’s some great people here and the resident gen. expert is Bill if you post in the genealogy section he’ll see your post a reply, everyone really relies on his research.

    Thanx for posting, welcome once again.



    thanks alot Tom, I just posted a thread there – hopefully he can help.



    Hi Charlie,

    Do you know which state and/or county your Lawson lived in?

    Oh. Nevermind, I see in the other thread it was Lee County.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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